Our Pearls

In the freshwater rivers of Zhejiang, China, one will find our farmers quietly practicing the art of cultivating pearls. Under controlled & sustainable practices our oysters are matured between five to seven years to ensure the finest quality of pearls are formed.

We mature our oysters for five to seven years to ensure that only the highest quality of pearls are formed. This is longer than the industry standard, which is usually between two to five years. 

As pearls are the only gemstone in the world to be made by a living creature, the blemishes and marks found on a pearl symbolise the birth marks of that pearl. Each pearl is different, which makes it difficult to pair them up, and it also means that your pearls are completely unique. 

As one of the world’s leader in supply pearl jewellery this means genuine pearls are at the heart of everything we do, it’s the reason we exist. All our pearl experts have undertaken the internationally recognised Gemological Institute of America’s Pearl Grading program.
Through this program our pearl experts are trained in the art of identifying the beauty, value and quality of freshwater pearls. This means you can be rest assured that when you buy pearl jewellery from Kyoto Pearl, they are genuine cultivated pearls.

Product Care

We only use raw and natural materials in our jewellery, which means that each item requires special care. Head on over to our product care page for more information.


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