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Pearl Care

Daily Care

Pearls are a durable product of nature, which vary in colour, shape and size. As with all gemstones they are vulnerable to acid. Therefore, please avoid direct contact with perfume, hair spray and cosmetics in order to maintain the quality and lustre of your pearls. A good rule of thumb is to use your pearls as a final touch and put them on as the last thing.

Pearl Cleaning

Pearls are an abiding gem, but proper care is necessary. After wearing your pearls, please gently wipe them with a soft cloth in order to remove body oils and keep them polished. If your pearls become dirty, please gently wash them using a non-abrasive cleaning material such as baby shampoo. The pearls must be immediately wiped of with a dry cloth.

Pearl Storage

A pearl has a hard but delicate surface, which may be scratched if it gets in contact with sharp objects. To prevent damages we advise you to store your pearls in the Kyoto Pearl jewellery box, which your pearls will be delivered in. The box has been designed to protect your pearls as well as let the pearls draw moisture from the air to maintain it beauty.

However, the best way to allow this natural process is to wear your pearls as often as possible. As former First Lady and style icon Jackie Kennedy said, “Pearls are always appropriate”.

Coloured Pearl Care

In order to achieve out vibrant range of colours, our pearls have gone through a carefully controlled process of dying, ensuring their longevity. Our process allow you to wear coloured pearls without any additional care.

How to tell if a Pearl is Genuine

It takes a little bit of know-how to be able to distinguish a real pearl from a man made pearl. Since genuine pearls are a product of nature every pearl will be unique.

If you want to test pearls more hands-on you can gently rub them against each other.

Due to the imperfections of genuine pearls they will create friction. If you want to take your test one step further you can simply bite down on a pearl, the surface will feel gritty as you rub it between your teeth. If it feels smooth, it is most likely a man made product.