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About Kyoto Pearl

Kyoto Pearl specialises in bringing you the finest freshwater pearls, carefully hand selected to maintain the excellence we strive to create. Our expertise is second to none and we set the precedent for quality in fine freshwater pearl jewellery.

For over 20 years, the Kyoto Pearl brand has been synonymous with style, quality and value, making pearls affordable to the modern woman.

All our freshwater pearls are hand-picked and matured for between five to seven years.

Once harvested, our pearls are:

Hand sorted by size, shape and quality

Cleaned, drilled and carefully bleached to achieve desired colour

Dyed for an extended period of 30 days against the typical 15-20 days, ensuring longevity of colour

Carefully manufactured with stringent quality control checks in-line with the Kyoto Pearl Brand requirements

Tested for Nickel, Cadmium and Lead by the UK Assay Office

We pride ourselves on service and tradition, ensuring our customers remains satisfied throughout the entire shopping experience. We believe in retaining our customers for life, with our reputation being held at the forefront of everything we do.


Kyoto Pearl was established in London, United Kingdom in 1992 with the ambition to provide the finest freshwater pearls at a reasonable price. From the very beginning, we have aimed to celebrate the pearl as an organic and lustrous object and our passion for the mythical pearl has only increased during the years.

Our jewellery is an echo of our history and knowledge and each of our designs reflect our high standards and desire to combine timeless elegance with modern design. From humble beginning serving our first customers throughout London, today we are providing genuine freshwater pearls to stylish women worldwide.

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